Reach for the Sky
Reach for the Sky Reviews

Review: After watching the movie years ago with my dad (it was one of our favourites and we watched it whenever it was showing), I really wanted to read the book. After much searching, I found it on line.

A remarkable story about a remarkable English WW 2 RAF pilot who refused to be put down or aside after a tragic accident left him without legs. An inspirational and real figure, just a normal man who refused to sit by. Read more

Run Silent Run Deep
Run Silent Run Deep Reviews

Review: a gripping tale of submarine warfare in the pacific theater of WW2, the book seems to very accurate in technical terms, but suffers when it comes to dialogue and character description.

Having read this after watching the movie adaptation, I must say that the ending was much improved for the movie version. Read more

When the War Was Over: Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution
When the War Was Over: Cambodia and the Khmer Rouge Revolution Reviews

Review: Outstanding. Everything you want to know about the Khmer Rouge is here -- up to 1985, that is. The book was published in 1986, so you are kind of left hanging. Nevertheless, it is a beautifully written, (almost) all-encompassing tome about what may be the most confounding and horrific political movement of the 20th century. Read more

Get Lucky
Get Lucky Reviews

Review: One of the first books I read from the series. And a very good one for me.
Luke, Lucky, came across as a shallow guy always hooking up with a local very young bunny, more often than not contestant in the local beauties' contest. I really liked the way he ended up being rebuffed by Sydney, who saw clear through his attempt at charming her to better control her. Honestly I would even have liked the book to be longer so as to make him grovel more.
I really enjoyed most of their interactions ... Read more

Taylor's Temptation
Taylor's Temptation Reviews

Review: Very enjoyable read and stands alone well. This is book 10 in Brockmann's Tall, Dark & Dangerous series.

US Navy Chief Bobby Taylor has been in love with his best friend's sister for years. He's never acted on it for a couple reasons--she's always been too young and he'd never do anything that his friend Wes would see as a betrayal of their friendship.

Colleen Skelly has had the hots for her older brother's best friend for years. When Wes sends Bobby to dissuade Colleen from a ... Read more

It Came Upon a Midnight Clear
It Came Upon a Midnight Clear Reviews

Review: This book was sooooo good!!! I was only halfway through it before I started planning on reading it again immediately after I finished it. A wonderful, magical, heart-warming story...lots of depth of emotion here and the fact that it was set during Christmas made it even more perfect. LOVED this book!

It is the 2nd book located in the newly released Tall, Dark, & Devastating book by Suzanne Brockmann. The original book was released in 1998 and is 6th out of a series...that I think goe... Read more

Primary Inversion
Primary Inversion Reviews

Review: Years ago I was looking for a new series of sci-fi novels to read.
I looked up award winners and scanned their bios. Since Catherine Asaro actually had a background in science, I gave her a try by picking up this start to her "Skolian" (or "Ruby Dynasty") series.

This great book hooked me on the whole series, which I've tried to read every bit of since. The novels are all easily found. There are some shorter entries that are harder to track down.

Anyone looking for "hard sci-fi"... Read more

Ship of the Line
Ship of the Line Reviews

Review: I certainly am learning more about the Napoleonic Wars than I ever knew I wanted to know!! Already 17 years going, the French still have control of the coast of Spain. Hornblower is now under the command of Admiral Leighton....not the brightest crayon in the box.....who also happens to be the new husband of Lady Barbara, Horatio's flame. Horatio still has the hots for her, even though he has vowed to remain faithful to his wife Maria, who of course is pregnant again. Understandably, Horatio is h... Read more

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