A Good Man in Africa
A Good Man in Africa Reviews

Review: Like Lucky Jim transplanted to Greene's colonial Africa... but not quite that good. I learned a lot of new words and STDs. Read more

Cómo ser una mujer y no morir en el intento
Cómo ser una mujer y no morir en el intento Reviews

Review: Parece que la única manera de cómo ser mujer y no morir en el intento es haber nacido hombre. Por desgracia el ver y saber qué es lo que piensa una mujer, ama de casa que es tratada por su tercer esposo de manera machista, no es suficiente para saber cómo salir de este rol social. Siendo una novela, con buenas partes cómicas, no deja de ser el título más pretencioso de lo que el contenido es. Read more

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories
The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories Reviews

Review: Damn!!! This is so dark but funny so Tim Burton

Its a collection of very short stories about very strange beings. There are no happy endings at all. You see all of those likeable people ( or matchsticks or whatever ) and you think, aww its sad what happened with them, i bet things will be good in the end.........NO.
Im not proud but i laughed with the most of the stories, is it something wrong with me? should i be worried?

Read this book, i don't know why or how but it will chee... Read more

A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again:  Essays and Arguments
A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again: Essays and Arguments Reviews

Review: Un senso di vuoto

È quello che provo nel leggere un saggio così tanto brillante e arguto e nel pensare che non ci saranno più altre parole.

Finito dopo quasi due anni: intendiamoci, non è che siano necessari due anni per leggere questa raccolta di saggi di DFW, è solamente che sia che si parli di tornado (intesi come vortici d'aria e non come caccia bombardieri!) che di tennis, o di David Lynch, o di tv, oppure di critica letteraria, DFW costringe ad accender... Read more

To Say Nothing of the Dog
To Say Nothing of the Dog Reviews

Review: Many people know that Three Men in a Boat: to Say Nothing of the Dog! is probably my favorite book. What many people don't necessarily know is that I first read it because I bought a very old copy of it at a book sale, and the reason I bought it was because I had read Have Space Suit-Will Travel by Robert A. Heinlein, (to whom To Say Nothing of the Dogis dedicated) in which the main character, Kip, interrupts his father as he is reading HIS favorite book, Three Men in a Boat, in which, he claims... Read more

A Tramp Abroad
A Tramp Abroad Reviews

Review: In this case, tramp is used not as a description of a person, but as the name of an action, the process of walking. It's ironic, of course, since Twain uses every chance he gets to tell us that his walking tour usually consisted of taking carriages, trains, boats, horses, or other means of conveyance. May I interject a personal note here? In high school, Mr. Hoyer told me in speech class that he couldn't figure out if I was being serious or trying to be funny when I gave my very ill-informed but... Read more

Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays
Barrel Fever: Stories and Essays Reviews

Review: A very ridiculous and absurd collection of stories. Once again Sedaris fiction comes through! Sometimes his stories are so twisted that they're hard to enjoy but it's all very funny. Also this book has the Santaland Diaries which is my favorite essay ever. Read more

The Illuminatus! Trilogy
The Illuminatus! Trilogy Reviews

Review: Stream of consciousness style from hell! More decipherable than Finnegan's Wake, but how much does that really say?? Keeps switching tense, point-of-view, moves between first person perspective of multiple and conflicting characters over space and time. A real mind fuck and I'm only about 100 pages in... Still trying though. Fascinating actual historical stuff and actual conspiracy theory quoted documentation dating back centuries. The first fictional work, of which I'm aware any way, to tackle ... Read more

The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead
The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection from the Living Dead Reviews

Review: This book tried too hard. This is a subject that should be easy to write about given the plethora of movies, books, urban legend, etc. material available. The tone was different (that giving it 1 star for failed originality) and thats about it. The author tried so hard to be funny by not being funny that it never was FUNNY.
On the outside and only given a precursory glance I thought the book would be great, I hoped it would be a fun read during my flight, I thought it would be the great satir... Read more

The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul
The Long Dark Tea-Time of the Soul Reviews

Review: How do you describe Adams' Dirk Gently books? I have a hard time not because they can't be genre-classified but because they don't fit any novel form out there. Stream-of-consciousness on the part of the author? Is Gently the main character? Who is the main character? What is going on? There's one thing going on, though--Adams does a lot of describing. It's a wealth of description. Plot? Pish-tosh! We don't need no stinking plot! That's not why you read an Adams novel anyway. So just let Adams m... Read more

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