Bergdorf Blondes
Bergdorf Blondes Reviews

Review:This was maybe the worst book I've ever read. I usually enjoy mindless chick lit, but this wasn't even enjoyable. The characters are horrific, completely selfish people with no redeeming value, and when the "bad guy" in the book points that out, I was unable to disagree with him. I found nothing about the plot charming or interesting, and it in no way made me envious of this supposed lifestyle.

I picked this up for a vacation beach read, and I'm glad I only spent $1 on it. Avoid at all co... Read more

The Master
The Master Reviews

Review:It's pretty audacious to make Henry James the hero of your book. Tóibín starts by showing us this deeply closeted, repressed guy: this is the Henry James we know. But then: he goes deeper, writing him as not just closeted but a coward, a selfish guy, and you're like whoa, hey. And then he goes even deeper and shows the terrible damage he's inflicted on everyone around him through his cowardice and selfishness, and you realize Tóibín hasn't made James the hero of his book; he's made him the villa... Read more

The Bride Stripped Bare
The Bride Stripped Bare Reviews

Review:This book was something I could relate to being in a relationship for the first time that turned serious fast. It helped me not feel alone and gave me courage to say to my partner what I did and didn't like. We were both virgins and this book gave me the strength to try and help my partner like the 'bride' did with Gabriel. This was the first book I have read, that had sex in detail and even though this is still different from other books I have read since I have come to enjoy more detailed love... Read more

Sleeping Dogs
Sleeping Dogs Reviews

Review:And that’s yet another book by Sonya Hartnett that really shouldn’t have sat in the “children’s” section of the bookshop. Incest, domestic violence, animal cruelty, you know all that good stuff you find on Play School.

I’m all seriousness though, it is good stuff. I absolutely love everything I read from Hartnett (as an adult) and this book was no exception. The only thing that made me rate this book 3.5 stars is my lack of connection to any of the characters. I felt sorry for Jordan but... Read more

The Twinkie Squad
The Twinkie Squad Reviews

Review:I really enjoy most of Korman's books, especially the funny ones--and this was funny. I couldn't stop laughing as I read the chapter about the play. And I cried a little at the end.

This is a book about a bunch of misfits who find themselves, and especially about Doug, the ambassador's son who feels he can't compete with his parents or older siblings, so he does very strange things to show he doesn't care.

It's on a 5th grade reading level. Read more

Strong Motion
Strong Motion Reviews

Review:I consider Franzen to be one of my favourite novelists even though before now I've only read The Corrections and Freedom. So I thought I better check out the back catalogue. I might be wrong but Strong Motion seemed to be the book where Franzen developed his voice and really seemed like the Franzen I know and love by the end of this book. But it seemed like a gradual thing, I found the start quite flakey and I even considered abandoning it at one stage. I also found a lot of the characters to be... Read more

number9dream Reviews

Review:Number9dream is infectious--I had trouble putting it down. David Mitchell has incredible story telling ability, and I admire the skill and fieldwork in a different country necessary to make this novel a reality.
I was disappointed with the Yakuza plot turn. The violence was as overwritten as the descriptions of the main protagonists first two cups of coffee. This additive in the story felt hackneyed, especially given the turn towards a kamakazi-ish diary entry later (this, however, deserves ... Read more

The Sweet Hereafter
The Sweet Hereafter Reviews

Review:"Cand li se naruie visele, unii oameni devin superstitiosi din nevoia de a gasi o explicatie la ce li s-a intamplat" Read more

Ten Little Indians
Ten Little Indians Reviews

Review:This must have been an EXCELLENT book. I am not a fan of short stories, but I read and enjoyed them all. I think my favorite was the one with Corliss and the poetry. This was one of the "everybody reads" selections for 2013 for the Multnomah County Library. Read more

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