The Bride Stripped Bare
The Bride Stripped Bare Reviews

Review: This book was something I could relate to being in a relationship for the first time that turned serious fast. It helped me not feel alone and gave me courage to say to my partner what I did and didn't like. We were both virgins and this book gave me the strength to try and help my partner like the 'bride' did with Gabriel. This was the first book I have read, that had sex in detail and even though this is still different from other books I have read since I have come to enjoy more detailed love... Read more

دکتر نون زنش را بیشتر از مصدق دوست دارد
دکتر نون زنش را بیشتر از مصدق دوست دارد Reviews

Review: I read this in a train going to Shahrud. It moved me so much I was almost crying at some points. Such a masterpiece. I wished someone would translate this great work to other languages. Read more

A Shooting Star
A Shooting Star Reviews

Review: Aaaaaaaagh!!! I can't take it anymore!! Dated, misogynistic, just plain bad. Read more

The Unicorn
The Unicorn Reviews

Review: I usually enjoy the books of Iris Murdoch but this felt like a join the dots effort. We have seen the components too many times before, nothing fresh in the execution and, for "modern" book it was full of terribly dated, jarring concepts. Read more

The Deptford Trilogy: Fifth Business/The Manticore/World of Wonders
The Deptford Trilogy: Fifth Business/The Manticore/World of Wonders Reviews

Review: The Deptford Trilogy--A Canadian Bulgakov, if you can wrap your head around that--magical, dark, comedic, and mysterious. Robertson Davies deserves to be read and reread and reread. Read more

Strong Motion
Strong Motion Reviews

Review: I consider Franzen to be one of my favourite novelists even though before now I've only read The Corrections and Freedom. So I thought I better check out the back catalogue. I might be wrong but Strong Motion seemed to be the book where Franzen developed his voice and really seemed like the Franzen I know and love by the end of this book. But it seemed like a gradual thing, I found the start quite flakey and I even considered abandoning it at one stage. I also found a lot of the characters to be... Read more

Ravelstein Reviews

Review: Um bom livro de Saul Bellow, que segue os retratos psicológicos habituais de personagens frágeis, sempre à procura de aceitação e onde a profundidade psicológica e a busca por um entendimento global atravessa todo o livro. Não é o seu melhor livro mas recomendo. Read more

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