The Far Pavilions
The Far Pavilions Reviews

Review: Actually 2.5★ - I liked it well enough to keep reading for more than two months, but in the end it was just too damn long (my ebook edition ended on p1289).

This is the story of Ashton Pelham-Martyn, born to British parents in India in the mid 1800s, but brought up as the son of an Indian Hindu widow. As a child he meets the Princess, Anjuli, and they form a bond, which becomes key to the plot later on (many, many, many pages later...)

Some would say that this is a romance novel, b... Read more

The Library of Greek Mythology
The Library of Greek Mythology Reviews

Review: the bibliotheca of the pseudo-apollodorus, rather. nice little summation. Read more

The Master
The Master Reviews

Review: It's pretty audacious to make Henry James the hero of your book. Tóibín starts by showing us this deeply closeted, repressed guy: this is the Henry James we know. But then: he goes deeper, writing him as not just closeted but a coward, a selfish guy, and you're like whoa, hey. And then he goes even deeper and shows the terrible damage he's inflicted on everyone around him through his cowardice and selfishness, and you realize Tóibín hasn't made James the hero of his book; he's made him the villa... Read more

The Bride Stripped Bare
The Bride Stripped Bare Reviews

Review: This book was something I could relate to being in a relationship for the first time that turned serious fast. It helped me not feel alone and gave me courage to say to my partner what I did and didn't like. We were both virgins and this book gave me the strength to try and help my partner like the 'bride' did with Gabriel. This was the first book I have read, that had sex in detail and even though this is still different from other books I have read since I have come to enjoy more detailed love... Read more

Lovesong Reviews

Review: Couldn't not get past page 40... Pushed and pushed myself to read it but just could not get interest. The way it was written was very hard to get used to Read more

A Good Man in Africa
A Good Man in Africa Reviews

Review: Like Lucky Jim transplanted to Greene's colonial Africa... but not quite that good. I learned a lot of new words and STDs. Read more

دکتر نون زنش را بیشتر از مصدق دوست دارد
دکتر نون زنش را بیشتر از مصدق دوست دارد Reviews

Review: I read this in a train going to Shahrud. It moved me so much I was almost crying at some points. Such a masterpiece. I wished someone would translate this great work to other languages. Read more

Poema de mio Cid
Poema de mio Cid Reviews

Review: La historia es muy entretenida, la vida de Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, más conocido como el Cid, guerrero español de gran valor que fue la defensa contra los moros.

Es una historia que enseña muchas cosas como el honor, el valor, la caballerosidad, la lealtad a un ideal o concepto que sería el rey de España, que lleva a el Cid a batirse hasta el día de su muerte.

Acompañado además de riñas, amores y desamores es una gran historia que enseña mucho de la vida de aquella Europa medieval. Read more

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