The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories
The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories Reviews

Review: Damn!!! This is so dark but funny so Tim Burton

Its a collection of very short stories about very strange beings. There are no happy endings at all. You see all of those likeable people ( or matchsticks or whatever ) and you think, aww its sad what happened with them, i bet things will be good in the end.........NO.
Im not proud but i laughed with the most of the stories, is it something wrong with me? should i be worried?

Read this book, i don't know why or how but it will chee... Read more

Poema de mio Cid
Poema de mio Cid Reviews

Review: La historia es muy entretenida, la vida de Rodrigo Díaz de Vivar, más conocido como el Cid, guerrero español de gran valor que fue la defensa contra los moros.

Es una historia que enseña muchas cosas como el honor, el valor, la caballerosidad, la lealtad a un ideal o concepto que sería el rey de España, que lleva a el Cid a batirse hasta el día de su muerte.

Acompañado además de riñas, amores y desamores es una gran historia que enseña mucho de la vida de aquella Europa medieval. Read more

Azul... Reviews

Review: Leído para el reto La Vuelta al Mundo en Libros: Nicaragua. Read more

100 Selected Poems
100 Selected Poems Reviews

Review: Can I just mention how much I love Cummings? Because this man's work is perfection, it really is. The hardest part tends to be picking my favorite pieces. I did manage it, sort of, but I'm sure my favorites would change depending on my mood. In fact, I know they've changed since the last time I read this! Every time I buy a book of poetry, I note the poems that I like the best, and I just had to keep adding poems to the previous list. Which means pretty much half of the poems are my "favorites",... Read more

The Fact of a Doorframe: Poems Selected and New, 1950-1984
The Fact of a Doorframe: Poems Selected and New, 1950-1984 Reviews

Review: Adrienne Rich is probably the pre-eminent feminist writer-poet of her generation -- excellent poetry in form and construction, and excruciatingly precise conviction and delivery. Read more

Archy and Mehitabel
Archy and Mehitabel Reviews

Review: A very enjoyable collection of "bite-sized" poems that is a good "pick up once in a while" book. I was first exposed to archy and mehitabel in high school but I found that the poems have much more resonance with the passing of years. The poems are written by "archy", a free verse poet in a past life who has been reincarnated as a philosophical cockroach. He writes by diving headfirst onto a typerwiter -- rendering capital letters and punctuation moot. He observes life around him, and also tells ... Read more

The Táin: From the Irish epic Táin Bó Cúailnge
The Táin: From the Irish epic Táin Bó Cúailnge Reviews

Review: This is the Irish Iliad--Cuchulainn defends Ulster against everyone. Single-handed. It's a great story, but if it has a flaw, it's that it gets a little repetetive when Cuchulainn is fighting against the succession of heroes. That shouldn't detract too much--battle scenes in the Iliad and the Morte Darthur aren't terribly interesting either. Read more

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