Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow
Kiffe Kiffe Tomorrow Reviews

Review:1.5 étoiles.

Je n'ai pas aimé le livre. Désolée. Mais Doria était très ennuyeuse et il n'y avait pas une "vrai histoire". Il était les petites histoires des gens dans sa vie.

C'est une possibilité que je n'aime pas le livre parce que français est ma deuxième langue, donc je comprends pas tout, mais je sais pas. Pour le plus part j'ai compris bien et juste quand elle a parlé des choses au hasard comme les films américains et les auteurs français que je n'ai pas pu comprendre qu’elle... Read more

A Woman of Substance
A Woman of Substance Reviews

Review:I didn't finish this book. I gave it about 150 pages,and it showed no signs of getting any better. If anything, the writing got more redundant and florid. Everything is over described, the characters are flat, and they seem to just randomly feel and think things that are completely unconnected from the plot, such as it is. Dorothy Parker once said about a book that it should not be put aside lightly, rather, thrown with great force. Amen. Read more

Baby Island
Baby Island Reviews

Review:I read this in the 1980s — several times. It was one of my absolute favorites!!! I’ve been meaning to re-read though I’m afraid I’ll lose the magic. I mean nine-toed grumpy old man, two girls, a bunch of babies, a shipwreck? That’s some high concept. It’s like babysitter’s club meets Robinson Crusoe! Read more

Bergdorf Blondes
Bergdorf Blondes Reviews

Review:This was maybe the worst book I've ever read. I usually enjoy mindless chick lit, but this wasn't even enjoyable. The characters are horrific, completely selfish people with no redeeming value, and when the "bad guy" in the book points that out, I was unable to disagree with him. I found nothing about the plot charming or interesting, and it in no way made me envious of this supposed lifestyle.

I picked this up for a vacation beach read, and I'm glad I only spent $1 on it. Avoid at all co... Read more

The Far Pavilions
The Far Pavilions Reviews

Review:Actually 2.5★ - I liked it well enough to keep reading for more than two months, but in the end it was just too damn long (my ebook edition ended on p1289).

This is the story of Ashton Pelham-Martyn, born to British parents in India in the mid 1800s, but brought up as the son of an Indian Hindu widow. As a child he meets the Princess, Anjuli, and they form a bond, which becomes key to the plot later on (many, many, many pages later...)

Some would say that this is a romance novel, b... Read more

Where the Red Fern Grows
Where the Red Fern Grows Reviews

Review:This book did nothing for me. I forced myself to finish it. Perhaps I should have read it as an adolescent?

Full disclosure: I'm a cat person.

The story follows a young hillbilly, named Billy (how fitting!) as he obsesses about getting some 'pups' but not just any old pups, he wants Redbone Coonhounds which cost ~$50 or so. His family is poor and live in the country (plus this book was written in the early '60s) so that monetary figure is no small amount. I wouldn't say it's a spo... Read more

Drina Goes on Tour
Drina Goes on Tour Reviews

Review:The penultimate book of the series and one of the best.

Drina has a baptism of fire with her 1st tour as a member of the company...but it has one good result...friendlier relations with Queenie Rothington than she would have ever thought possible!

Then the best thing ever happens....Grant reappears! Read more

Stories and Early Novels: Pulp Stories / The Big Sleep / Farewell, My Lovely / The High Window
Stories and Early Novels: Pulp Stories / The Big Sleep / Farewell, My Lovely / The High Window Reviews

Review:I love the language of this book, and the wonderfully vivid description of drunk low-lifes in (1930s?) Los Angeles. The book seems to deal more earnestly with subjects like homosexuality and pornography, which is hardly surprising given the Hayes Code of the time. Read more

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