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Drina Goes on Tour
Drina Goes on Tour Reviews

Review: The penultimate book of the series and one of the best.

Drina has a baptism of fire with her 1st tour as a member of the company...but it has one good result...friendlier relations with Queenie Rothington than she would have ever thought possible!

Then the best thing ever happens....Grant reappears! Read more

The Master
The Master Reviews

Review: It's pretty audacious to make Henry James the hero of your book. Tóibín starts by showing us this deeply closeted, repressed guy: this is the Henry James we know. But then: he goes deeper, writing him as not just closeted but a coward, a selfish guy, and you're like whoa, hey. And then he goes even deeper and shows the terrible damage he's inflicted on everyone around him through his cowardice and selfishness, and you realize Tóibín hasn't made James the hero of his book; he's made him the villa... Read more

The Unicorn
The Unicorn Reviews

Review: I usually enjoy the books of Iris Murdoch but this felt like a join the dots effort. We have seen the components too many times before, nothing fresh in the execution and, for "modern" book it was full of terribly dated, jarring concepts. Read more

The Red and the Green (Vintage Classics)
The Red and the Green (Vintage Classics) Reviews

Review: The story wavers about for half the book and we lose sight of who the main characters are--some may be totally unnecessary. About 2/3 of the way in, suspense develops and it is hard to stop reading, but all in all, not one of her best efforts. Still, Iris is better than most, even when off her game. Read more

Nothing Like the Sun
Nothing Like the Sun Reviews

Review: Awesome, top shelf stuff. After reading the disapointing Malaysia Trilogy, I was dumbfounded. Could this be the same author who produced the genius of Clockwork Orange? So I gave Burgess another chance and it paid off. This is a fictional account of a bit of Shakespeare's life, his nutty wife, his rascally patrons, etc. The language is quasi-shakespearean and Burgess's imagination is up to the task. Wow. This rocked. Read more

Several Deceptions
Several Deceptions Reviews

Review: I especially loved the third story -- Judy O'Grady.... Read more

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