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Running Dog
Running Dog Reviews

Review: My reaction to this book was much like my reaction to Libra. DeLillo is a fine, fine writer who has doubtless control over his subject. In this book, a journalist for a formerly radical newspaper starts to investigate a senator who seems to have a penchant for erotic art and gets herself immersed in the sordid world of erotic art and its Holy Grail: a reel of porn shot in Hitler's bunker during the last days if the Third Reich. DeLillo has a wonderful way with black ops - the intricate handling ... Read more

Vineland Reviews

Review: I read this when it first came out and I have to say I enjoyed it even more the second time through!

Will write more later, but I will say, a good read to contrast with our new world of internet espionage. Read more

Exiles Reviews

Review: This reads like underdeveloped Ibsen fanfiction. And Ibsen is not that great to begin with. The good news is that Joyce is actually a really good playwright when he doesn’t try to pay homage to his idols and stays true to himself, as demonstrated in Circe, the brilliant chapter of Ulysses written in the form of a play. That’s something I’d gladly pay the price of admission to see. Or, remember Mulligan’s idea for a play, “Everyman His own Wife or A Honeymoon in the Hand (a national immorality in... Read more

The Absent City
The Absent City Reviews

Review: Me habían asignado la lectura de este libro allá por el 2013, cuando cursaba la carrera de Licenciatura en Letras, en la Universidad y recuerdo que hice un gran esfuerzo en primer lugar para leerlo y en segundo término para aplicar lo que se me requería (encuadrarlo dentro de los aspectos de la novela polifónica), y en verdad debo reconocer que fracasé en ambas asignaciones.
No dudo de la alta reputación de Ricardo Piglia como escritor, ensayista y filósofo, así también como de su aporte a la... Read more

The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry
The Norton Anthology of Modern and Contemporary Poetry Reviews

Review: I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my anthology of modern poetry!! All of the great classics in one stop. Beautiful! Read more

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