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Wish You Were Here: The Official Biography of Douglas Adams
Wish You Were Here: The Official Biography of Douglas Adams Reviews

Review: Anybody who has to deal with me on any sort of basis, as in ever, should basically consider this book required reading. I also have about the same affinity for lunches, so, you know, buying me one wouldn't be bad for our relationship. Read more

Maybe You Never Cry Again
Maybe You Never Cry Again Reviews

Review: ...I couldn't put the book down!!! Anyone looking for pearls of wisdom, and I mean there are some rugged blue mother oysters of wisdom in this one, but 'Maybe You Never Cry Again' will give it to you straighter and realer than a stand-up routine of any length could ever tell.

A well put-together memoir from start to finish. The reading is not only rare and raw, but comes from a man with a heart as tender as it was big. The wisdom doesn't lay flat, but rather stands up to the telling of a... Read more

My Years with Ayn Rand
My Years with Ayn Rand Reviews

Review: This is a fascinating account of the disturbing life of Ayn Rand, by her equally disturbed protégé and much younger married lover, Nathaniel Braden. The copy I have is the original account, I believe, which was redacted rather quickly to become "My Years with Ayn Rand," and sold under the later title after that. I don't personally know what the differences between the two editions are and I'm probably not ever going to find out because I don't want to wade through it all again. But that's okay w... Read more

Emergence: Labeled Autistic
Emergence: Labeled Autistic Reviews

Review: Here in simple and very honest testimony Temple Grandin explains her childhood and her experience of growing up with autism. It is statistically unusual for autistic people to have the requisite insight, reflection and expression to do something like this, which makes this book all the more impressive and interesting. In style it reminds me of My Left Foot - despite the age of the author it retains a clarity and frankness which is often masked with complex rambling as we age. There is no shame i... Read more

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