World War II

Reach for the Sky
Reach for the Sky Reviews

Review: After watching the movie years ago with my dad (it was one of our favourites and we watched it whenever it was showing), I really wanted to read the book. After much searching, I found it on line.

A remarkable story about a remarkable English WW 2 RAF pilot who refused to be put down or aside after a tragic accident left him without legs. An inspirational and real figure, just a normal man who refused to sit by. Read more

Run Silent Run Deep
Run Silent Run Deep Reviews

Review: a gripping tale of submarine warfare in the pacific theater of WW2, the book seems to very accurate in technical terms, but suffers when it comes to dialogue and character description.

Having read this after watching the movie adaptation, I must say that the ending was much improved for the movie version. Read more

Don't You Know There's a War On?
Don't You Know There's a War On? Reviews

Review: Again, Avi proves that he is a chameleon when it comes to writing these diverse, fascinating characters. (Keep in mind that they are for a younger audience though). I thought this one was spot on for a sixteen year old, looking back on the year he was eleven, during WWII. I thought the relationship with the teacher got a little strange at times, but then, I've never been a sixteen year old boy remembering what it was like when I was an eleven year old boy... so maybe it is perfectly normal? Read more

Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad
Enemy at the Gates: The Battle for Stalingrad Reviews

Review: This is a classic work on the Battle of Stalingrad--or maybe the *first* classic. Although forty years old, the book still has value. I could see how this battle was a major turning point in world history--the first time the Wehrmacht had been defeated--overwhelmingly and at such a human toll! Stalingrad took place in 1942-43, and D-Day was still over a year in the future.

The book lays out all the strategy, tactics, and brings the battle and its aftermath home to the general reader with ... Read more

First Into Nagasaki: The Censored Eyewitness Dispatches on Post-Atomic Japan and Its Prisoners of War
First Into Nagasaki: The Censored Eyewitness Dispatches on Post-Atomic Japan and Its Prisoners of War Reviews

Review: The title is a bit misleading--I was expecting more about Nagasaki. It ended up being about 25% about the bombing of Nagasaki and 75% about POWs in Japan. So if you're looking for info about the bombing, look elsewhere.

However, the accounts of the POWs were absolutely worth reading. I never realized how terribly the Allied POWs were treated there. It gets a little graphic in parts--definitely an eye-opener. Read more

Party Shoes
Party Shoes Reviews

Review: I do love Noel Streatfield's work but this made me feel a bit anxious. For half the book, this child labours under a delusion, and one that really matters to her. The adult characters are oblivious. Of course it all works out but I felt worried for her until it did, so I did not enjoy this book as much as others. Read more

Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese Empire
Downfall: The End of the Imperial Japanese Empire Reviews

Review: Oustanding book that when coupled with "Racing the Enemy" and Max Hasting's "Retribution" gives one the most comprehensive understanding of how in the summer of 1945 both the US and Japanese governments were on a course that made the dropping of the two atomic bombs almost inevitable. As a friend of mine put it, this book reads most like a mystery novel where the author explores the motivations, actions and timelines of the key protagonists on an almost day by day basis.
Frank's book does a ... Read more

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