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The Twinkie Squad
The Twinkie Squad Reviews

Review: I really enjoy most of Korman's books, especially the funny ones--and this was funny. I couldn't stop laughing as I read the chapter about the play. And I cried a little at the end.

This is a book about a bunch of misfits who find themselves, and especially about Doug, the ambassador's son who feels he can't compete with his parents or older siblings, so he does very strange things to show he doesn't care.

It's on a 5th grade reading level. Read more

No More Dead Dogs
No More Dead Dogs Reviews

Review: This is my very favorite Gordon Korman book--I've read it several times, and it still makes me laugh every time. Even though it's getting a bit dated now (mentions of the 1999-2000 football seasons, and Rachel Turner writing to then-hot Julia Roberts) it's still a great read.

Annotation with spoilers: Wallace Wallace's father was a big fat fibber--so Wallace has spent his 14 years vowing never to tell a lie. His "honesty is the only policy" approach means trouble, though, when he refuses ... Read more

Getting It
Getting It Reviews

Review: The premise is decent--a straight teenager gets inspired to ask a gay classmate for a makeover after watching an episode of Queer Eye--and there are some nice touches of humor and sweetness in the story. The subplots exploring the main character's relationships with his divorced parents are also quite well done.

Unfortunately, there were a number of less positive elements, too. I'd have liked the book a lot more if it were a little less didactic, if the characters didn't label girls who e... Read more

Takeoffs and Landings
Takeoffs and Landings Reviews

Review: EVERYONE -- This book was kind of like the start of a roller-coaster for me in which you slowly, slowly, slowly crawl up and then suddenly you "whish" down in a frenzy of excitement. In this book you gently learn about the characters' problems, then get emotionally wrapped up in the story, which makes for an exciting ride. The book is flip-flops back and forth in its perspective from Lori and Chuck, two teenage siblings whose problems are very different, yet wound together. Lori is the pretty "d... Read more

Windcatcher Reviews

Review: Ryan and I listened to this one. It was a little slow to start but we really liked it after all. Read more

Romeo and Juliet--Together (and Alive!) at Last
Romeo and Juliet--Together (and Alive!) at Last Reviews

Review: I was expecting this book to be all romance, but it was actually really funny. Read more

T-backs, T-shirts, Coat and Suit
T-backs, T-shirts, Coat and Suit Reviews

Review: This book was really confusing. I really didn't enjoy it! Read more

The View from Saturday
The View from Saturday Reviews

Review: Very good book--my mom correctly described it as a "quiet upper." Moms are often but not always right...but mom was right on this one.

Was glad to finish it at the end of a rough day. The book ends with strong messages of "kindness prevails" and "rely on others; they won't disappoint."

Others have read and hailed Koningsbird, but this is my first book of hers that I have read. Her writing and storytelling prowess is jaw-dropping. I wanted to start it again just after finishing it... Read more

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