Hairs/Pelitos Reviews

Review: We related to this story. My grandma smells like pan and maiz. My daughters relate it to myself and my mother in law Zuma. who is always cooking and baking. and always smells like fresh tortillas Read more

Old Dry Frye
Old Dry Frye Reviews

Review: One of my favorite books to read aloud to my kids-- I do a mighty fine Southern drawl. ;) Read more

The Amazing Adventures of Bathman!
The Amazing Adventures of Bathman! Reviews

Review: Wow, what an imagination!! I loved the idea of imagining that you turn into a super hero every time you go into the bath tub. I only wish that every child could feel this way, life would be easier for all parents if this were so, but I digress. This story is about a boy that pretends to fight crime as a super hero inside of his bath tub, and always wins because of his superior fighting skills. My favorite quote from the book was, "I caught you wet-handed." This book would make for a great instru... Read more

The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the School
The Secret Science Project That Almost Ate the School Reviews

Review: Audience: This book is directed at the primary age group.
Appeal: This book could appeal to students of both genders and of different ages. Students who are particularly interested in science, monsters, and creation may show an additional interest in the book.
Application: This book could be used when discussing rhyming. It could also be used when looking into expression as different parts of the text are in a larger font, a brighter color, and involve different punctuation. It could als... Read more

Do Pirates Take Baths?
Do Pirates Take Baths? Reviews

Review: Our library story time performers read this together -- one asking the question that appeared as a heading on each double page spread and the other answering, reading the verse reply. They led the children in actions depicting the key elements.

Caution: they did skip a few pages due to the length of the book and also at least one mom suggested we not share the page where it ways pirates don't wear underwear. While it IS funny, she said her little boy (who LOVES pirates) is very reluctant... Read more

Big Red Tub
Big Red Tub Reviews

Review: Bathtime becomes a real adventure for the boy in this story -- as each bathtime experience should be!! Great Fun!! Read more

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