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Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley Reviews

Review: I remember my daughters talking about this book and I said, "What is a flat Stanley?" So, of course I had to read the book to find out. Very cute! Great to fire a child's (of any age!) imagination. As Krista says, 'you can do so much with this book!' Read more

Meet Wild Boars
Meet Wild Boars Reviews

Review: Great fun for both my daughter and my husband--their favorite books are about "baddies" like these rude, messy, inconsiderate boars, who are all named to add to their realism. Follow up about taking a bath is just as much fun. Read more

The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories
The Barefoot Book of Ballet Stories Reviews

Review: I love Jane Yolen, BUT....she put too much verbiage into each of the storylines of the ballets, though she does provide backstories before the 5 or so page print versions (with less pictures) of the ballets' plot (with dialogue...not common in ballet), including mentioning famous dancers, composers, tidbits. The 'limited' illustrations are beautifully done...mentions the most recognizable ballets in history: Coppelia, Swan Lake, Cinderella, Nutcracker, Shin Chung (one of the most iconic ballets ... Read more

Hairs/Pelitos Reviews

Review: We related to this story. My grandma smells like pan and maiz. My daughters relate it to myself and my mother in law Zuma. who is always cooking and baking. and always smells like fresh tortillas Read more

The Wildest Brother
The Wildest Brother Reviews

Review: It was a 3 star book for me until the last page which I loved. Read more

A Redwall Winter's Tale
A Redwall Winter's Tale Reviews

Review: Cute child book with a lot of cute pictures/drawings highlighting the story and a nice short story inside. Perfect to read for your kid or with your kid :) Read more

Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook
Runny Babbit: A Billy Sook Reviews

Review: I didn't expect to like this, which is why I haven't read it until now. I was surprised at how quickly I got used to the switching of letters. I thought it would bother me, but I found if I just relaxed and read it without thinking about it too much, my brain picked up on the meaning of most of the lines without the need to really translate it. It does feel like a lot if read all at once, but what's the hurry? This is nice to read for several days and enjoy the silliness of it.

I did have... Read more

The Fortune-Tellers
The Fortune-Tellers Reviews

Review: I love reading this book with my kids. Especially Josh--as he just chuckles over the silliness of the fortunes given by the fortune teller! They think it's super funny what happens to the other fortune teller, too! I've read some reviews that tells how this isn't a good book, because it doesn't really teach a good moral. I beg to differ. For many reasons. First of all, I think it shows how life is really unpredictable and you just never know what will happen. Also, that you can make up your own ... Read more

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