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Dragons of a Fallen Sun
Dragons of a Fallen Sun Reviews

Review: Cómo se nota la mano de Weis y Hickman después de leer la anterior trilogía, de Jean Rabe. Estos son los libros de la Dragonlace que me gustan. Read more

Dragons of the Dwarven Depths
Dragons of the Dwarven Depths Reviews

Review: Este libro lo salvan Tas, que es un amor, y Raistlin, que está sembrado, porque las partes de los enanos [que son casi todas xD] se me hicieron muy pesadas. Read more

Yendi Reviews

Review: Yendi is the second book in the Vlad Taltos series by Steven Brust. This is a bit of a flash-back book, which took me by surprise because it opens by having Vlad thought-mention that he doesn't have a wife and I rightly recalled, from having already read JHEREG, that he is married to Cawti, so my very first thought when reading this book was, "Wait! What happened to Cawti? Did Brust kill her off like they seem to do with each successive Bond girl so James can be single and sexy again?"

Th... Read more

Issola Reviews

Review: Sorry to say, but I've found this series to become steadily less enjoyable, and to me, this was the worst yet. Way too much time spent in expository discussions and way too abstract in its concepts. The action was minimal - sit around somewhere and talk, go somewhere else and talk. Go back to the first place and talk yet again. Throw in an occasional action scene left purposefully vague and confusing, then talk again. Vlad's sarcasm is just not enough to carry the story, and other than Teldra, t... Read more

The Mageborn Traitor
The Mageborn Traitor Reviews

Review: This book always felt like the author got tired of it in the middle. And the promised third book is still nowhere on the horizon. This series had such promise and we're left with many unanswered questions. Read more

Hidden Warrior
Hidden Warrior Reviews

Review: I thought this was a duology. Apparently not. ON TO BOOK THREE!!! Wooo! Read more

The Oracle's Queen
The Oracle's Queen Reviews

Review: I liked the first two books, but I had to force myself to read this one. I thought it was boring. Very little happens, and when things actually do happen it's utterly predictable. There's literally zero surprises. Everything you think that will happen, does happen. Disappointed on this one.

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The Eagle & the Nightingales
The Eagle & the Nightingales Reviews

Review: I admire the way each of Lackey's many universes stands alone. In this series, in particular, each book is pretty much free-standing. Read more

The Oathbound
The Oathbound Reviews

Review: 2014 reread:

You can definitely tell that these were short stories formerly published in the S&S magazine. They have that detached-but-connected feel to them. Still, excellent tales! It's lovely to see that Mercedes Lackey was already writing so well so early in her career.


First read: approx 2009 Read more

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