The Prophet of Yonwood
The Prophet of Yonwood Reviews

Review: At first I wasn't sure about this one. I couldn't really see the connection between this story and what had happened in the previous two books. Jeanne DuPrau is a good writer though and if you stick to the end of this one you do get the connection. It contains lots of social commentary about topics like war and religion and social constructs. The story of the nations at war isn't fully explained but that doesn't really matter. Only one more book to go in this series for me and I will finish, but... Read more

The Children of Men
The Children of Men Reviews

Review: I think this was another case of the book being ruined by the movie for me. I also did not care for the narrator in the audiobook version. I really don't like when I am just waiting for a book to hurry up and end but I knew what was going to happen. I did not know this was a book before I saw the movie, and the movie I really liked. So I don't think this is a terrible book by any means but I just ruined it for myself.
Great idea for a story and I am glad that I got to read it. Read more

Jennifer Government
Jennifer Government Reviews

Review: One of my favourite books ever! It is extremely smart & creative, packed with brilliant ideas from beginning to end, there's always something going on and I really liked the way all the characters interact. I enjoyed Barry's Syrupand Company but to me Jennifer Government is definitely his best book.

For those interested, Max Barry created a free nation simulation game based on "Jennifer Governement": NationStates. Read more

Among the Betrayed
Among the Betrayed Reviews

Review: Personal Response:
I liked the book, Among The Betrayed, because it always left me thinking what would happen next. I rated the book four stars, because the end left me hanging. I did not know what would happen later in Nina's life. Nina is the main character who is an illegal third child. The book is based off a government that only allows two children because of a famine in food. Where did the third children live?

The book was about third children who were born, and then t... Read more

Among the Brave
Among the Brave Reviews

Review: Book five in a series of seven. The first few books I was able to read from the point of view of the intended younger reader, but after five books, I'm struggling to suspend my adult perspective. There are some intense moments that are maybe too adult for the younger reader regarding references to people being tortured to death, but those seem added in for shock value. There is little additional information in this book to help the reader understand how this world came to be as it is. I'm still ... Read more

Among the Impostors
Among the Impostors Reviews

Review: Schattenkinder ist eine Dystopie-Reihe für jüngere Jugendliche, die sich in 6 Bücher aufteilt. In dieser Welt kam es aufgrund von Überbevölkerung zu einer weltweiten Hungersnot und die Menschheit musste ums Überleben kämpfen. In diesem Zuge beschloss die Regierung, dass jede Familie maximal zwei Kinder haben dürfe. Aber es gibt auch Familien mit einem dritten und somit verbotenen Kind. Diese Schattenkinder werden versteckt und von der Regierung gejagt. Luke ist eines dieser Kinder und wir verfol... Read more

Amnesia Moon
Amnesia Moon Reviews

I really do not know what to make of this one -- it's bizarre and disjointed, with no clear message or even plot. But . . .

There are parts here that seem allegorical (sometimes heavy handedly so) -- broad statements on American life. Intentional? Or am I just desperate to find some kind of meaning? I really couldn't say.

So it's a challenging, frustrating story. I wish I could say that I liked it, but I just can't. It's unusual for me to find a book that is just too weird, but... Read more

The Girl Who Owned a City
The Girl Who Owned a City Reviews

Review: It's hard to review a book when you've read it as both a child and an adult. The kid in me still loves this book, but the older me isn't sure how much of that is genuine adoration and how much is just the rose-tinted glasses that color memories from that time in my life.

I first read this book in fifth or sixth grade, I think, and at the time it was exactly the sort of thing that appealed to me. Kids running around without any pesky adults to tell them what to do, and, despite their hards... Read more

The Slynx
The Slynx Reviews

Review: This book was certainly a treat and everything about it intrigued me. So much so, that I consumed it in one night.

The Slynx by Tatyana Tolstaya is a Russian dystopian novel. Set two hundred years after some kind of nuclear accident or blast, a government
scribe named Benedikt, our narrator, lives in what was Moscow. Moscow is now called Fyodor-Kuzmichsk, after its dictator Fyodor. Kuzmich uses scribes to copy "his" writing, which is actually that of past literary works.

In thi... Read more

The Turner Diaries
The Turner Diaries Reviews

Review: I read this book so you don't have to. It's revenge porn for ignorant White Supremacists. I gave it two stars because it was interesting to see into the head of someone so depraved, but it was depressing to know that there are people out there for whom this is a utopia.

Throughout the book, all Blacks are animals whose constant goal are to rape White Women. All Jews are tricky connivers stealing our money and running the country, and always falling back on the made-up holocaust. In the e... Read more

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