The Far Pavilions
The Far Pavilions Reviews

Review:Actually 2.5★ - I liked it well enough to keep reading for more than two months, but in the end it was just too damn long (my ebook edition ended on p1289).

This is the story of Ashton Pelham-Martyn, born to British parents in India in the mid 1800s, but brought up as the son of an Indian Hindu widow. As a child he meets the Princess, Anjuli, and they form a bond, which becomes key to the plot later on (many, many, many pages later...)

Some would say that this is a romance novel, b... Read more

Epic: Stories of Survival from the World's Highest Peaks
Epic: Stories of Survival from the World's Highest Peaks Reviews

Review:I love these stories of the crazy things people do... Read more

The Unknown Shore
The Unknown Shore Reviews

Review:An enjoyable sea adventure that involves a lengthy account of the horrors and privations of being shipwrecked in the forbidding landscape of the extreme southern coast of modern-day Chile. My one complaint was the shockingly unenlightened view taken of the natives who helped--albeit reluctantly--the main characters. It was a bit hard to tell whether the view was intended to be that of the characters (in which case I suppose it was only historically authentic) or that of the author. Read more

The Reverse of the Medal
The Reverse of the Medal Reviews

Review:Simply astonishing. One should really consider these 20 novels as separate chapters of a single book. Read more

At the Earth's Core
At the Earth's Core Reviews

Review:Catching up on a book I should have read when I was a teen. Damn entertaining -- you know it is so. Read more

Escape from Memory
Escape from Memory Reviews

Review:Great book. Reading it at night is not really a good Idea especially from my prospective. I mean it's not really a scary novel but there are soo many really sharp turns. You feel like you're in the book itself and it has so many plots-twists, last minute rescues, sad part etc...
It's awesome and I would really recomend it to anyone interested in Adventure and mystery Read more

The Oathbound
The Oathbound Reviews

Review:2014 reread:

You can definitely tell that these were short stories formerly published in the S&S magazine. They have that detached-but-connected feel to them. Still, excellent tales! It's lovely to see that Mercedes Lackey was already writing so well so early in her career.


First read: approx 2009 Read more

The Wizard in the Tree
The Wizard in the Tree Reviews

Review:I was expecting more from this. Ended up having a lot of overly sexist slander in it. Read more

The Iron Ring
The Iron Ring Reviews

Review:I'm reading this one with my "new" 9 year old son/cousin. We're going to be reading a little every night. So far so good. The prydain chronicles were my favorite books when I was 8 so we may read those too.

Just finished this (FINALLY!). Just didn't end up reading as often as I thought we would. It was a fun book, a few too many characters but good and suspenseful for a kid. Unfortunately even though our 3rd grader is reading at a 5th grade level he still was having a hard time keeping up... Read more

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