Skellig Reviews

Review: This is a very clever and enchanting book that can be interpreted in many ways. I found the way it's written fascinating, because it encapsulates the world of childhood innocence as we venture through the story from young Michael's perspective. Even though it explores some quite sad and dark (and at times, scary!) content, it has a warming lift that will make you smile as you witness the power of friendship, love and belief. Read more

The Moorchild
The Moorchild Reviews

Review: $0.99 wasn’t too much to spend to see what is winning awards in children’s literature, though.

I enjoyed learning about The Folk (fairies, pixies, however you would like to categorize them). I wouldn’t know if the information is historically accurate or just made up by this author. It was interesting to learn about bee hives and about the medicinal use of herbs. I also gained a better understanding of how a set of bagpipes works.

Moral tone? The author doesn’t punish the main chara... Read more

Flat Stanley
Flat Stanley Reviews

Review: I remember my daughters talking about this book and I said, "What is a flat Stanley?" So, of course I had to read the book to find out. Very cute! Great to fire a child's (of any age!) imagination. As Krista says, 'you can do so much with this book!' Read more

Beware the Fish!
Beware the Fish! Reviews

Review: I can't believe these are out of print! They are hilarious and I want to read them again. I loved these as a kid. Read more

The Twinkie Squad
The Twinkie Squad Reviews

Review: I really enjoy most of Korman's books, especially the funny ones--and this was funny. I couldn't stop laughing as I read the chapter about the play. And I cried a little at the end.

This is a book about a bunch of misfits who find themselves, and especially about Doug, the ambassador's son who feels he can't compete with his parents or older siblings, so he does very strange things to show he doesn't care.

It's on a 5th grade reading level. Read more

No More Dead Dogs
No More Dead Dogs Reviews

Review: This is my very favorite Gordon Korman book--I've read it several times, and it still makes me laugh every time. Even though it's getting a bit dated now (mentions of the 1999-2000 football seasons, and Rachel Turner writing to then-hot Julia Roberts) it's still a great read.

Annotation with spoilers: Wallace Wallace's father was a big fat fibber--so Wallace has spent his 14 years vowing never to tell a lie. His "honesty is the only policy" approach means trouble, though, when he refuses ... Read more

The Toilet Paper Tigers
The Toilet Paper Tigers Reviews

Review: Totally silly, unbelievable, absurd book--and I loved it. I think 4th or 5th graders would really like it. It's about a baseball team made up of the rejects who has a coach who knows nothing about baseball. He thinks when you drop the ball, it's a touchdown. His granddaughter decides she's going to coach the team, and she goes to great lengths to get the boys to play baseball. There are some really funny parts. Read more

The War with Mr. Wizzle
The War with Mr. Wizzle Reviews

Review: an amazing book with lots of action. it is really funny Read more

Meet Wild Boars
Meet Wild Boars Reviews

Review: Great fun for both my daughter and my husband--their favorite books are about "baddies" like these rude, messy, inconsiderate boars, who are all named to add to their realism. Follow up about taking a bath is just as much fun. Read more

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