Where the Red Fern Grows
Where the Red Fern Grows Reviews

Review: This book did nothing for me. I forced myself to finish it. Perhaps I should have read it as an adolescent?

Full disclosure: I'm a cat person.

The story follows a young hillbilly, named Billy (how fitting!) as he obsesses about getting some 'pups' but not just any old pups, he wants Redbone Coonhounds which cost ~$50 or so. His family is poor and live in the country (plus this book was written in the early '60s) so that monetary figure is no small amount. I wouldn't say it's a spo... Read more

Drina Ballerina
Drina Ballerina Reviews

Review: It’s a funny series, this one. Charming in its way - unfinished, too, since only the first five books were published in the US - and a weird mix of hard work and ridiculous good luck.

That mix is best done in the third book, I think, which is not coincidentally the book where Drina actively tries to live a wider life. That changes in the later books, when her chief defining characteristic is that she must dance, more than anything.

It’s that note that makes this book more than wi... Read more

Drina Goes on Tour
Drina Goes on Tour Reviews

Review: The penultimate book of the series and one of the best.

Drina has a baptism of fire with her 1st tour as a member of the company...but it has one good result...friendlier relations with Queenie Rothington than she would have ever thought possible!

Then the best thing ever happens....Grant reappears! Read more

The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories
The Melancholy Death of Oyster Boy and Other Stories Reviews

Review: Damn!!! This is so dark but funny so Tim Burton

Its a collection of very short stories about very strange beings. There are no happy endings at all. You see all of those likeable people ( or matchsticks or whatever ) and you think, aww its sad what happened with them, i bet things will be good in the end.........NO.
Im not proud but i laughed with the most of the stories, is it something wrong with me? should i be worried?

Read this book, i don't know why or how but it will chee... Read more

Over Sea, Under Stone
Over Sea, Under Stone Reviews

Review: 4.5 stars

I have to admit I wasn't expecting a lot from this book -- I thought it would be much more geared toward the middle-grade crowd and probably fall in with the books I would've loved as a kid but if I read them now I'd be bored. But! I was happily surprised (and by surprised I mean snagged hook line and SINKER by this brilliance).

It starts out feeling very Narnia-esque; a family siblings go to stay with an eccentric uncle professor and then the kids discover a passa... Read more

Fog Magic
Fog Magic Reviews

Review: This is a lovely little book. I read it as a child and it stayed with me--every time I see fog I wonder if I could walk into it at just the right time and find a different world. I found it again in a box of books I had stored away and was glad to see it was as good as I remembered. It's well-written, and doesn't talk down to the young readers for whom it was intended. And any book that stays with you for 40+ years deserves 5 stars. Read more

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