How to Be Alone
How to Be Alone Reviews

Review:The last time I was in the library, Jonathan Franzen written along a spine caught my eye. Why did I want to read this book? Where had I heard this name? The book looked brand new. However, most of its essays are from the late 90s and early 2000s. The political and social references are fascinating because they are now all in hindsight. Most (if not all) are pre-September 11th. They are all pre-current-economic-meltdown and new President Obama.

The essence of the essays are timeless. From... Read more

Sabbath's Theater
Sabbath's Theater Reviews

Review:I can respect other folks' positive reviews of SABBATH's THEATER. I'm normally a big Roth fan, too---I really got a lot out of AMERICAN PASTORAL, THE HUMAN STAIN, and THE PLOT AGAINST AMERICA. SABBATH for me just didn't do the trick, however. Part of my issue with it, I think, is that Roth hasn't really worried about form or plot in ages---his novels unfold now as dramatic monologues, episodic and without any real drive. As a result, there's a distance between the reader and the action that can ... Read more

Recapitulation Reviews

Review:Just a gorgeous end to “The Big Rock Candy Mountain.” Read more

The Complete Stories of Truman Capote
The Complete Stories of Truman Capote Reviews

Review:Ciao Truman.

Mi intristisce davvero tanto, credimi, vederti sdraiato lì, sul letto, immemore di te stesso, circondato da bottiglie vuote e altri più spiacevoli segni dell’umana fragilità. Oh, lo so che da questa particolare crisi ti riprenderai, ma poi ce ne sarà un’altra e poi un’altra e un’altra ancora, sino all’ultima, quella fatale, quella in cui darai definitivamente forfait.
Ti prendo la mano, ok? Non posso fare altro per te, perché io arrivo dal futuro e tu sei già morto da tan... Read more

Strong Motion
Strong Motion Reviews

Review:I consider Franzen to be one of my favourite novelists even though before now I've only read The Corrections and Freedom. So I thought I better check out the back catalogue. I might be wrong but Strong Motion seemed to be the book where Franzen developed his voice and really seemed like the Franzen I know and love by the end of this book. But it seemed like a gradual thing, I found the start quite flakey and I even considered abandoning it at one stage. I also found a lot of the characters to be... Read more

Ravelstein Reviews

Review:Um bom livro de Saul Bellow, que segue os retratos psicológicos habituais de personagens frágeis, sempre à procura de aceitação e onde a profundidade psicológica e a busca por um entendimento global atravessa todo o livro. Não é o seu melhor livro mas recomendo. Read more

Running Dog
Running Dog Reviews

Review:My reaction to this book was much like my reaction to Libra. DeLillo is a fine, fine writer who has doubtless control over his subject. In this book, a journalist for a formerly radical newspaper starts to investigate a senator who seems to have a penchant for erotic art and gets herself immersed in the sordid world of erotic art and its Holy Grail: a reel of porn shot in Hitler's bunker during the last days if the Third Reich. DeLillo has a wonderful way with black ops - the intricate handling ... Read more

Goldfish Reviews

Review:I'm not usually a crime fan, limiting myself to Deon Meyer and Yrsa Sigurdardóttir, but a well-spun yarn like this tends to convince me that I'm missing out. Carefully crafted, although simple given its limited length, it entices the reader to keep turning the pages up to the end. No wonder Chandler's books made such good films.

Raymond Chandler wil-wil my oortuig dat daar meer aan die misdaadverhaalskat is as Deon Meyer en Yrsa Sigurdardóttir. Knap, opwindende, kort-en-kragtige storie - ... Read more

Vineland Reviews

Review:I read this when it first came out and I have to say I enjoyed it even more the second time through!

Will write more later, but I will say, a good read to contrast with our new world of internet espionage. Read more

A Hall of Mirrors
A Hall of Mirrors Reviews

Review:"The California of the mind.'' Great laundromat scene. Prescient takes on right wing ravers and racial politics at their most extreme. Mr. Stone's first published novel and he's in fine form here. No one like him. And the ending is heartbreaking. Read more

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