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Bergdorf Blondes
Bergdorf Blondes Reviews

Review:This was maybe the worst book I've ever read. I usually enjoy mindless chick lit, but this wasn't even enjoyable. The characters are horrific, completely selfish people with no redeeming value, and when the "bad guy" in the book points that out, I was unable to disagree with him. I found nothing about the plot charming or interesting, and it in no way made me envious of this supposed lifestyle.

I picked this up for a vacation beach read, and I'm glad I only spent $1 on it. Avoid at all co... Read more

The Bride Stripped Bare
The Bride Stripped Bare Reviews

Review:This book was something I could relate to being in a relationship for the first time that turned serious fast. It helped me not feel alone and gave me courage to say to my partner what I did and didn't like. We were both virgins and this book gave me the strength to try and help my partner like the 'bride' did with Gabriel. This was the first book I have read, that had sex in detail and even though this is still different from other books I have read since I have come to enjoy more detailed love... Read more

Plum Boxed Set 2
Plum Boxed Set 2 Reviews

Review:The further adventures of Stephanie and the gang! Still just as funny--what a riot--love them all! Read more

Where the Heart Is
Where the Heart Is Reviews

Review:Where the Heart Is was a very different read. The author grabbed your attention right at the beginning of the book by telling us about a young teenager who is pregnant and left stranded at a Walmart in a small town. Although the story had sounded very interesting, throughout the novel I felt very lost and at times I had to re-read sections of the book to really understand what the author was trying to say.

The characters in the book were very enlightening and they all had great qualities ... Read more

The Monk Downstairs
The Monk Downstairs Reviews

Review:This book started out really, really well. I loved Michael, the monk, who is hard not to love --- he's sweet, kind, sexy and disarming. Rebecca's little daughter Mary Martha is darling and she and Michael have a charming relationship. Rebecca's mother Phoebe is a hoot and highly likable. But Rebecca was hard to take after awhile. Her little hissy-fit when poor Michael, who had been out of circulation for 20 years, hesitated about telling her mother that they were sleeping together after their fi... Read more

Bookends Reviews

Review:Una sucesión de clichés que debían de sonar anticuados incluso antes de que se publicara el libro. Los protagonistas no son especialmente simpáticos, las situaciones no tienen gracia y la trama no despierta interés. Una pena. Read more

A Tale of Two Sisters
A Tale of Two Sisters Reviews

Review:This book made me cry all the way through. It manages to fit an awful lot in to one book. I found the emotional rollercoaster of a read left me feeling withdrawn and drained by the end. The style of writing was fine at the beginning, however, I was completely confused at the end, I didn’t know who was telling what. I couldn’t recommend this book to just anyone as it was hard on the tear ducts, a certain amount of sensitivity is definitely required! Read more

Ain't She Sweet
Ain't She Sweet Reviews

Review:He perdido la cuenta de las veces que la he leído. Comfort food for my soul. Read more

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