A Shooting Star

Written by: Wallace Stegner

A Shooting Star Book Cover
Sabrina Castro, an attractive woman with a strong New England heritage, is married to a wealthy, older California physician who no longer fulfills her dreams. An almost accidental misstep leads her down the slow descent of moral disintegration, until there is no place for her to go but up and out. How Sabrina comes to terms with her life is the theme of this absorbing personal drama, played out against the background of an old Peninsula estate where her mother lives among her servants, her memories of Boston, and her treasured family archives. A Shooting Star displays the storytelling powers that Wallace Stagner's fans have enjoyed for more than half a century.
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A Shooting Star Reviews

Stephanie Griffin
Aaaaaaaagh!!! I can't take it anymore!! Dated, misogynistic, just plain bad.
Stephanie Griffin
Aaaaaaaagh!!! I can't take it anymore!! Dated, misogynistic, just plain bad.
I had a hard time getting started, but loved the book. As is usual for Stegner, it picked up steam as it went along. I always get the sense that I'm aboard a train headed for a wreck in his books.
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Larry Van Valkenburgh
i didn't think this as compelling as "The Angle of Repose" but it might bear re-reading.
This book is not of the same excellent caliber of Wallace Stegner's other novels. Read his others.
Not Wallace Stegner's best but he is always better than most.
Only Stegner could keep me reading a book with so frustrating a protaganist as Sabrina. Realistic, but so annoying.
His Angle of Repose won the Pulitzer. His writing is minutely detailed and complex, and his characters, while vastly interesting, are never your favorites.
Jan Laney
Skilfully written. Sabrina is the rich and childless wife of a prominent but preoccupied physician who is desperately seeking a meaning to her life.
I found this fascinating although claustrophobic. Some people will find it a bit dated, but it's important to remember what it was like for women in 1961.
i liked it only because it's wallace's. the characters were too predicable, the plot mediocre at best but the writing was good.
Randy Kaufman
Unfinished. I picked this up purely because it was by Stegner, but the content just wasn't reaching me. Moving on.
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