Mirrors of the Unseen: Journeys in Iran

Written by:Jason Elliot

Mirrors of the Unseen: Journeys in Iran Book Cover
As stated, "A fascinating journey through the history, land and hidden cultrue of Iran past and present, by one of the world's most perceptive travelers"
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Mirrors of the Unseen Journeys in Iran Reviews

Another good travelogue of Iran. Keep 'em comimg. I just can't seem to get enough. Only it's not like there are tons of books out there of my detailed and interesting trip through Iran. Maybe I should write one? Do you think they'd give me a visa?
Beautifully written book about travelling around Iran. I loved the horse trek in the north-east and enjoyed Jason's interactions with people. But I found his preoccupation with the architecture and history of mosques a bit much, and ended up skipping these in the second half of the book.
Hefty, but really interesting and comprehensive. Elliot has a voice too-- I was surprised to laugh out loud in a couple of parts. It gave me a deeper respect for Iran, and a hope that I will get there some day. I also have a crush on the author.
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Natalie Pavlis
Could not finish the book. Got sick of hearing him complain about prices. Sounds like he liked Afghanistan more than Iran. How on earth could that be possible. Honeymoon in Purdah is a much better book about a Canadian woman's travels in Iran.
A fascinating read that somehow hovers effortlessly between the weight of ancient Persia and the humdrum of modern Iran. If you are about to visit Iran for the first time and only have time to read one book then this is it!
Colin Ring
Exceptionally well written travel book. Lyrical and informative. Look forward to more from him.
Account of British journalist traveling through Iran on several trips. He really gets into the artwork and geometry of the mosques. Good read ;)
The best book of traveling in Iran that I have come upon.
I posted about this book several times on my blog. Please search on the book's title or author at http://suzannesmomsblog.com.
Besides a great deal of history, I learned to look for the beauty in the detail of the art of the mosques of Iran. I wish that I could travel & see the things he did. Quite an interesting read!
Ali Miremadi
Good personal account of a trip. Witty and detailed.
David Badgery
Overly flowery language a lot of the time
Not only is this an eye opening look at a culture most of us know nothing about other than TV stereotypes, but it is also beautifully written. Full of wry humor and exquisite descriptions.
If you like Persian architecture, you'll love this. Also if you like books with recommendations based on obscure interests, then equally, you'll love this.
Inspired by the Byron's Road to Oxiana, this is the modern traveller's attempt to reecreate the experience and is a delight. the opium scene is worth the read alone!
i heart jason elliot. this book is like spending time inside his train of thought... i only wish my train of thought was half as interesting as most of these chapters. incredible.
Stig Sæthre
Fascinating trip through Iran, focusing both on todays culture and ancient history.
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