Business @ the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Economy

Written by:Bill Gates, Collins Hemingway

Business @ the Speed of Thought: Succeeding in the Digital Economy Book Cover
In his new book, Microsoft chairman and CEO Bill Gates discusses how technology can help run businesses better today and how it will transform the nature of business in the near future. Gates stresses the need for managers to view technology not as overhead but as a strategic asset, and offers detailed examples from Microsoft, GM, Dell, and many other successful companies. Companion Web site.
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Business the Speed of Thought Succeeding in the Digital Economy Reviews

Un gran ideólogo y economista en este libro. Su clave está en la organización.
Jake Cohen
Almost 20 years later it's interesting to listen to predictions of how technology is going to change business and personal lives. Many of the predictions Bill Gates made came true more or less as he made them. Some took a bit longer. Overall this was a pretty interesting book from a historical interest perspective, though it has probably lost a lot of its original usefulness. This would have been a great book to read at the turn of the century.
Mitesh Patel
I just happened to come across this book in the library shelf and I got it home to read one of Bill Gates. Though it's outdated for today, I just skimmed through to get a feel of what a visionary he is and how aptly he predicted the Web lifestyle that's going to come in a decades time. I liked his positive approach to business. Having worked for a product IT company myself, I could relate to the importance he lays for skunkworks /research kind of projects.
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Despite being written in 1999, Bill Gates seems prescient in predicting the rise of digital nervous systems in enterprises. This is an alternative way of explaining EDI, ERP, E-commerce, and other movements towards greater technology usage.

Daft Punk's song: Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger. That's basically how the book sells technology.

It's mostly inspirational, seeding the readers' thoughts with new ways of using IT. It is descriptive, not prescriptive.
Poonam Sharma
Pretty insightful considering the fact that it was published way back in 1999. It almost felt like I had time travelled to future when I was reading this book. Bill Gate's prediction on how technology is going to shape everything that we do are 'bang on'.
What more can I say? Wish I had an opportunity to read this way back in 2000..
Overall, the book contained some thought provoking analysis of how IT can be brought to bear upon a variety of industries. Gates always has such vision in terms of understanding so many industries with such depth and imagination it's incredible.

All this said, the book is a bit disorganized and unfocused at points. It has inspiring ideas, but lacks a real practicality.
Nitin Tiwari
It was nicely explained how we can serve to the world by gaining information. Bill gates sir has explained that your mind should understand the nervous system of technology. Wherever on earth you find the lack of technology , if you will fetch your tech there then people will be pleased to by your products. So this will help people and will grow your business also at the same time.
I borrowed this book from someone and then went and bought myself a copy. It is not so much an insight into the mind of Bill Gates, but the impact of technology on society the future. It gave me a an entirely new perspective on the role of IT in business and the society.
Jimi Bostock
Yeah, I know we all hate Bill Gates but this was one important book when it came out. I think I was stunned that the sort of things I had been thinking about were laid out by the big man

I am going to read it again before I launch my new digital agency, PUSH Agency.
Gunnar Nelson
Note, this book was discussing about the Internet age in the 90s. EverythingBiill Gates has said in this book of what will happen in the future ranging from smartphones, tablets, cloud storage, personalized Web content is all true. he was a 100% right of what would happen in the future and it did.
A good book but it's old now and the insights are now well behind the times. However, it would have been brilliant at the time and the predictions he made were very accurate. I enjoyed the read but there isn't a lot of practical advice that we don't already do on a regular basis.
Kevin Simpson-verger
Great read even though some of the ideas expressed are obvious as today. Really enjoyed listening how the author describes how businesses can reduce inefficiencies and achieve economies of scale rapidly, by adopting technoglogy
Edson Camara
Li este livro em 1999 quando o mundo ainda era bem diferente do que é hoje 16 anos depois. Tudo que o Bill escreveu naquele ano se realizou, embora ele mesmo não tenha acreditado em algumas de suas profecias.
John Orman
Some good ideas from the King of Microsoft. Some prophetic thoughts in 1999 ]about the paperless office, getting to market first, health care systems, and web-connected learning systems.

I especially liked the section on preparing for the digital future.
Emmanuel Ayeni
This book written in 1980's truly gives the vision Bill Gates had what it takes to be ahead and on the top of the things required to be successful in the IT world of business.
Gerry Abbey
Great ideas for anyone working in or developing business.
Exhaustive, more of a manual to keep and refer to.
Where is my copy of this book? Gotta find it... hehehe
This book is outdated now. It was interesting to see how technology has changed businesses since this book's publication in 1999.
Marshal Mdeza
A visit to Redmond and inside Microsoft without having to pay the air ticket!
اویس قرنی
I have read it for second time. It is a good choice for Advanced English learners to read. It has a lot of good expressions and sentences about business. I recommend it.
Nowadays only really interested me in a historical sense of seeing what Gates guessed right and what he missed.
He was so ahead of his time. I love how most of what he predicted actually happened.

I adore Gates and his wife for all of the amazing philanthropic work they do. He’s golden in my eyes.
Jone ricad
An incredible optimist who believe in pushing the lines forward via digital intervention. Incredible thoughts by Bill Gates himself.
Senthil Kumaran
I enjoyed Bill Gate's other book "The Road Ahead" more than this. This is was more of Microsoft business than any vision for future.
Daniel Lee
Dated but still appealing to me since it reaches for that pipe dream of mine: the paperless office. Amazing what kind of vision the man had of the future.
amazing if you read this now how technology that was mentioned back when, has now become the norm
And if we are slow or disadvantaged will our thoughts be the speed of business?
Nicolas Pujol
Read this a long time ago and looking at it now, the book has lost much of its shelf life as it dealt with Y2K issues and a lot of business 101 concepts. I know Bill can do better.
Aruna Nandigama
The Best Inspirational Book Ever written.
Surprisingly bad book from perhaps the most brilliant business genius alive today. Bill Gates was my hero as a child, I wish he wrote something better
Un gran ideólogo y economista en este libro. Su clave está en la organización.
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