Tremor of Intent

Written by:Anthony Burgess

Tremor of Intent Book Cover
Denis Hillier is an aging British agent based in Yugoslavia. His old school friend Roper has defected to the USSR to become one of the evil empire's great scientific minds. Hillier must bring Roper back to England or risk losing his fat retirement bonus. As thoughtful as it is funny, this morality tale of a Secret Service gone mad features sex, gluttony, violence, treachery, and religion. Anthony Burgess's cast of astonishing characters includes Roper's German prostitute wife; Miss Devi and her Tamil love treatise; and the large Mr. Theodorescu, international secret monger and lascivious gourmand. A rare combination of the deadly serious and the absurd, the lofty and the lusty, Tremor of Intent will hold you in its thrall.
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Tremor of Intent Reviews

I enjoyed this book much more than I possibly could have imagined. I've never been much into spy novels, until now.
Burgess playing in a spy novel. Dense, beautiful wording. Bizarre but simple characters. Short page count but takes longer to untangle than most prose.
Bought for $1 at Strand, worth every penny, and maybe 1,000 more. Really great book. Acerbic, funny, sexy, all for something written in the 60's. As always, well done Burgess.
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Matthew Gaughan
What a strange book, encompassing everything from English Catholicism to an eating competition. Funny, enjoyable, weird, and unpredictable.
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