Nothing Like the Sun

Written by:Anthony Burgess

Nothing Like the Sun Book Cover
A magnificent, bawdy telling of Shakespeare’s love life, following young Will’s maturation into sex and writing. A playful romp, it is at the same time a serious look at the forces that midwife art, the effects of time and place, and the ordinariness that is found side by side with the extraordinariness of genius.
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keith koenigsberg
Awesome, top shelf stuff. After reading the disapointing Malaysia Trilogy, I was dumbfounded. Could this be the same author who produced the genius of Clockwork Orange? So I gave Burgess another chance and it paid off. This is a fictional account of a bit of Shakespeare's life, his nutty wife, his rascally patrons, etc. The language is quasi-shakespearean and Burgess's imagination is up to the task. Wow. This rocked.
This is Shakespeare in love, the prequel. The interweaving of known history, the sonnets and hints from all over the map lead to a very thoughtful journey of discovery and surprising romps by WS himself. You will never feel that the author is just running away with his imagination. It all seems so believable. Now I must get back to the poetry to feel it in a new light. I implore you to read this one and all.
This book is so great. It takes you into the mind and times of Willie himself, all the bawdiness and intrigue and plagues and sources for all his amazing language innovations. It personalizes the man behind the image of Willie and is at once intimate and informative. Burgess knows language so well that he uses it as the perfect entry point
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Dave Shapiro
It takes a word master, like Burgess, to write a biography of Shakespeare's life. He is ingenious in his use of sonnets to both set the stage and intersperse the storyline with Shakespeare's growing talent.
Rodney Welch
I'm inclined to agree with Harold Bloom that this is the best novel ever written about Shakespeare -- although I can't say I've read many. Very lively, funny, bawdy, smart, and as is always the case in books like this, the more you know about the subject the funnier it is.
Absolutely the best Shakespeare novel, and probably best historical, and possibly best novel ever.
Beautiful, beautiful fictionalized account of Shakespeare's life.
Patrick Hennessy
an amazing book, one i want to read again, and i can't say that for many books
I'm totally an Oxfordian, but I almost believed every word of this novel.
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