1950-1984, The Fact of a Doorframe: Poems Selected and New

Written by: Adrienne Rich

1950-1984, The Fact of a Doorframe: Poems Selected and New Book Cover
'Rich's writing has always lifted her naturally toward a unifying transcendental vision, a dream, but a dream simultaneously wrenched and weighted by its moral embodiment, called by her at different stages: love, truth, integrity, commonality, silence. She is a true metaphysical poet...(At times) her dialectical fire produces poems of transcendent beauty.'-Carol Muske, New York Times Book Review
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19501984 The Fact of a Doorframe Poems Selected and New Reviews

Adrienne Rich is probably the pre-eminent feminist writer-poet of her generation -- excellent poetry in form and construction, and excruciatingly precise conviction and delivery.
Much better than I expected. I particularly enjoyed "Snapshots of a Daughter-in-Law," Rich's take on Eliot's "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock."
Some of the first poetry that really moved me as a college student. I've had this book for years and have been reading it for years and it still moves me.
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a wonderful collection. read the title poem if nothing else.
I got to hear Adrienne Rich read from her poetry at Smith College a few years ago. Her work is amazing. My favorites include "Rape" and "Aunt Jennifer's Tigers".
My first attempt at picking up a book of poetry--it's great bedtime reading, like short stories.
Lives on my reference shelf. Provides comfort, and something to cry about.
Atena Oyadi
I haven't read all of the poems, but I like what I've read so far. She can write poems about love that are bearable - even very good.
rich isn't my favorite poet. she's good but tries too hard sometimes to be a poet (especially a political poet).
Amy Sawyer
I have read some Adrienne Rich before and I remember liking her, but I am so glad she was on my reading list this term. She is now on my list of favorite poets.
I don't really know about poetry, so I just read this through like a regular book. How are you supposed to read books of poetry? Like slowly one at a time with long contemplative pauses? Idk.
This book contains my favorite poem, ever, "Trancendental Etudes."

With no mere will to mastery, only care for the many-lived, unending forms in which she finds herself..."
my first discovery of good modern poetry.
One of my favorite poems e-v-e-r is Ms. Rich's Transcendental Etude! If you love poetry you must read this poem. Insightful and highly recommended.
A great collection. A great place to start w/ Rich if no one made you read her in school.
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