Missing Angel Juan

Written by: Francesca Lia Block

Missing Angel Juan Book Cover
Lonely City

A tangly-haired, purple-eyed girl named Witch Baby lives in glitzy L.A. She loves a guy named Angel Juan. When he leaves for New York she knows she must find him.

Looking For Love

So she heads for the city of glittery buildings and garbage and Chinese food and drug dealers and subways and kids playing hip-hopscotch.

Finding Trouble

Her clues are an empty tree house in the park, a postcard on the street, a mannequin in a diner. Angel Juan is in danger, and only Witch Baby's heart-magic can make him safe.

When Angel Juan leaves L. A.—and Witch Baby—to play his music and find himself in New York, Witch Baby, wild and restless without him, follows. The story that ensues "is an engagingly eccentric mix of fantasy and reality, enhanced—this time—by mystery and suspense. It is also magical, moving and mischievous, and—literally—marvelous."—SLJ.
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Missing Angel Juan Reviews

There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about this book. It's poorly written, none of the characters are likeable, and what little plot there is, makes next to zero sense. I'm not sure why I forced myself to read all of this garbage, but I really wish I hadn't wasted my time.
Sad, creepy, romantic and beautiful, this book is all about finding magic in places where you least expect it. This book was very imaginative and very moving.However there was some spiritistic content that bugged me.
A beautiful book that I'm rereading for the emphth time.It is magical as all the other Weetzie Bat books,full of colors,music and smells.You can even taste.New York hasn't been more fantastically described.
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This is my favourite of the Dangerous Angels series. It gets dark but has some lovely glittery spots as well. I can totally see the world how Witch Baby sees it through her camera.
i'm just going to go ahead and give this whole series 5 stars.
Wish I would have read these when I was younger...not really meant for adults but very beautifully written.
I liked this one and Witch Baby the best by far. great series, maybe a little weird to be reading as a 40 yr old male as tammy noted, but should be required reading in high school.
I admire the self-consciousness of mind that the narrator got at the end. All these journey & experiences were just what she needed & great :)
Melissa Prentice
It's taken me a while to get into the series and each book has been better than the previous; this is my favorite so far.
L & D
The best of the series, although I have not read the last book yet, Missing Angel Juan managed to pull at the heartstrings and develop Witch Baby in ways where the other books failed.
Andi Leigh
Favorite Weetzie Bat book so far. Block's writing gets continuously better with each novel in the series.
Kelly Egan
Witch Baby love. These books are amazing. *sighsighsigh*
This was more surreal than the previous three books in the series. It has been my magical favorite.
Kirsten Kowalewski
Amazing and transcendant- one of Block's best, in my opinion.
more in the weetzie bat series, witch baby searches for her missing love, with a little help from charlie bat!
Tamika Moore
When I was a tween, This was my all-Time favorite Book!!!
This amazingly lyrical, whimsical tale is my favorite of the Weetzie Bat books and one of my favorite stories of all time.
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