Baby Be-Bop

Written by:Francesca Lia Block, David Díaz

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Everyone has a story to tell ...

Dirk McDonald's life was almost perfect. He lived with this grandmother, Fifi, in a beautiful gingerbread cottage in Hollywood. He had the beach, and his surfboard, and Fifi's red-and-white 1955 Pontiac convertible.

But Dirk wasn't happy. Inside, he was harboring a deep, dark secret. And he was afraid that if he admitted it to anyone - even Fifi - he would never be accepted again.

Then one night, Dirk's magic lamp came to life. Suddenly, all the stories from Dirk's past came flowing out of it. On that night, his life changed forever. At last, Dirk learned who he really was, and that any love that is love is right.
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Dirk is gay. When he tells his first crush of his interest, he is rejected. He is beat up by skinheads for being gay. While unconscious from the beating, he meets his ancestors. A very different story. Dirk has lots of love to give. There is lots of love around him. The soulmate he hasn't met yet is waiting. The whole focus of the story seemed to be love. Recommended.
A.E. Shaw

I am so thrilled to have read these. I can't believe how rich and ridiculous they are, and yet still, especially with this one, there are...themes that are so real, and so well-illustrated, so moving and beautiful and lush, I've never even imagined books like these, and I am already looking forward to reading them through again. Absolutely unique and utterly brilliant.

I picked this up from the free books box at the used book store on my way to the train after work along with another book in the series.

I started reading this as I had finished my book earlier in the day. I was blown away by the poetic nature of the story. I have ordered the missing books in the Weetzie Bat books collection and am looking forwards to reading them.
Ruby :: Primavera :: Missing Angel Juan :: Where Did the Time Go?: The Working Woman's Guide to Creative Time Management :: Reach for the Sky
Although this book came out after Weetzie Bat, where he was a pivotal character, Weetzie is surprisingly absent. The tone is very similar as the other Weetzie Bat books, with the story taking liberties with chronology, place and setting. Enjoyable in a fantastical-realist way, similar to Gabriel Garcia-Marquez and American border authors.
Love this book about love, acceptance and the power of story - the 5th in the Weetzie Bat/Dangerous Angels series by Francesca Lia Block, one of my favorite authors ever. Re-read it for the countless time...
"Our stories can set us free... When we set them free."
sweet and lovely way to end the dangerous angels series.
This book made me cry in public. Only two other books have made me do that. God damn it.
I read each of the books in the Weetzie Bat (Dangerous Angels) series as they came out, savoring them as I went along. One of my favorite series ever.
I laughed. I cried. I loved it! Dirk and Duck's story was sad, happy, amazing, loving, hating, magical, all wrapped into this book!
Angela Sunshine
Strange story (stories?)

I liked Dirk's storyline but the whole genie thing just seemed to get more convoluted and I couldn't tell what was going on, and not in a good way.
Reminded me a lot of Less Than Zero. I liked it, a quick easy read. I had only read Weetzie Bat so now I think I will go back and read the others.
Not as good as the other Weetzie Bat books. The amount of magic is jacked way up to compensate for a less developed main character, and this basically takes over and obscures the plot.
Not sure if it's because it was back to the first generation after the stories of the kids or what, but this was my favorite of the 5.
A Weetzie Bat book with the focus on her gay friends. I love the grandmother in this book. Such a mind trip!
i'm just going to go ahead and give this whole series 5 stars.
This was the least surreal of the series until the very end. I am very glad Block chose to develop a minor, yet important character from the series.
The Third Place A Teen Library
I am pretty sure i never read this one when i originally read this series. it was really heart breaking and ,for lack of a better word, moving. I liked it a lot. it made me sad.
an odd conclusion to the original series, but wonderfully written, just the same
Jane Dugger
Finally, I can see why people enjoy these books.
Maybe more of a 4.5, but that's not important. I loved this story. It was sad, but hopeful. Of the Weetzi books this and the first are my favorites.
This is my second favourite book in the Dangerous Angels series. I'm glad that Dirk is an actual character, rather than just the Gay Best Friend of Weetzie Bat. It's heartbreaking and beautiful.
Spectacular! Blows all the other books in the series away!

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