Reach for the Sky

Written by:Paul Brickhill

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The inspirational story of Douglas Bader, DSO, DFC.
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After watching the movie years ago with my dad (it was one of our favourites and we watched it whenever it was showing), I really wanted to read the book. After much searching, I found it on line.

A remarkable story about a remarkable English WW 2 RAF pilot who refused to be put down or aside after a tragic accident left him without legs. An inspirational and real figure, just a normal man who refused to sit by.
Douglas Bader inspired many, though you'd be hard-pressed to know if it were most for his tenacity, his steadfast loyalty to his men, his determination to escape from multiple German prison camps, or that he did it all after losing both his legs in an aeroplane accident.
I watched a documentary on the American Heroes Channel on Douglas Bader's inspiring story. Here is more information about it: (
Baby Be-Bop :: Ruby :: Primavera :: Missing Angel Juan :: Escape, Or Die: Authentic Stories Of The RAF Escaping Society
Tim Ganotis
Fantastic. Remarkable story written in Brickhill's clipped yet humorous tone. Bader makes everyone else less of a man by comparison.
Inspirational story of Douglas Bader, a larger than life hero that overcomes the loss of his legs and still becomes one of the greatest fighter pilots of WW II.
Inspirational! A superb biography of a true British hero!
This is a fascinating book about a larger than life character who would not be held back by his disabilities
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