The Best American Short Stories 1995

Written by:Jane Smiley, Katrina Kenison, Gish Jen

The Best American Short Stories 1995 Book Cover
Every autumn, readers of short stories eagerly look forward to the chance to discover their favorite writers and new talents in The Best American Short Stories. Last year's collection marched on to bestseller lists across the country and met with acclaim from critics who declared it "a brilliant work of art." Marking the eightieth anniversary of the series, the 1995 volume portrays the stunning range of American life in all its various colors, styles, regions, and concerns. This year's guest editor, Jane Smiley, selected stories without knowing their authors' identities. Drawn to tales with "a sharp taste," she gathered a piquant sampling of new voices as well as rich works by such masters as Don DeLillo, Ellen Gilchrist, Thom Jones, Joy Williams, Stephen Dobyns, Kate Braverman, and Jamaica Kincaid. Smiley was attracted to "an element of the exotic" in the tapestry of ordinary lives, and the stories in this collection reveal the powerful dramas constantly unfolding beneath the surface
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