Soul Made Flesh: The Discovery of the Brain--and How it Changed the World

Written by: Carl Zimmer

Soul Made Flesh: The Discovery of the Brain--and How it Changed the World Book Cover
In this unprecedented history of a scientific revolution, award-winning author and journalist Carl Zimmer tells the definitive story of the dawn of the age of the brain and modern consciousness. Told here for the first time, the dramatic tale of how the secrets of the brain were discovered in seventeenth-century England unfolds against a turbulent backdrop of civil war, the Great Fire of London, and plague. At the beginning of that chaotic century, no one knew how the brain worked or even what it looked like intact. But by the century's close, even the most common conceptions and dominant philosophies had been completely overturned, supplanted by a radical new vision of man, God, and the universe.
Presiding over the rise of this new scientific paradigm was the founder of modern neurology, Thomas Willis, a fascinating, sympathetic, even heroic figure at the center of an extraordinary group of scientists and philosophers known as the Oxford circle. Chronicled here in vivid detail are their groundbreaking revelations and the often gory experiments that first enshrined the brain as the physical seat of intelligence -- and the seat of the human soul. Soul Made Flesh conveys a contagious appreciation for the brain, its structure, and its many marvelous functions, and the implications for human identity, mind, and morality.
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Soul Made Flesh The Discovery of the Brainand How it Changed the World Reviews

A wonderful read about the history and discovery of the brain.
Fascinating. History. Science. Morality. All wrapped up in a book about something so fundamental. It's dense with facts and history so wasn't a quick read (for me) - but utterly worthwhile.
Great work. Zimmer grapples with Social metaphors/Conventional wisdoms as they co-evolve with the rational exploration of the human brain.
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I couldn't do it. I tried...I love science books, I have read tons of them, but this was so dry and boring I just couldn't get through it. Blech.
More history and less biology than I expected from Zimmer. A worthwhile book, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I expected.
Excellent writing style. Interesting history of neuroscience. If you don't know who Willis is, then you must read this book.
enjoyed it. I've read a lot of books on modern neurology, but this one went into the whole history and the ingenious discoveries people made before we even had the technology
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