The Toilet Paper Tigers

Written by:Gordon Korman

The Toilet Paper Tigers Book Cover
Forget about winning, they're just trying to score!

Corey Johnson never dreamed Little League could be so humiliating. But that was before he joined the Feather Soft Tigers.

It's bad enough that the team uniforms have pictures of toilet paper on them-thanks to their sponsor. But with a catcher who's afraid of the ball, a right fielder who falls asleep during the games, and a coach who knows zero about baseball, it looks like the Tigers are going straight down the toilet!
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The Toilet Paper Tigers Reviews

Totally silly, unbelievable, absurd book--and I loved it. I think 4th or 5th graders would really like it. It's about a baseball team made up of the rejects who has a coach who knows nothing about baseball. He thinks when you drop the ball, it's a touchdown. His granddaughter decides she's going to coach the team, and she goes to great lengths to get the boys to play baseball. There are some really funny parts.
amusing--not funny but neat story and ideas
This book was great! I wasn't expecting much but it was really good and I was so attached to it, that I finished it in two days! I highly recommend it!
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Holly Wagner
Great story. Easy read for a boy who really loves baseball. Some language, just a tad.
Katie Miller
I have no idea how I discovered this boy or why I like it so much, but it's one of the favorites of my childhood. I reread it recently and I still love it.
One of my favorite Gordon Korman books as a kid.
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