Drina Goes on Tour

Written by:Jean Estoril, Mabel Esther Allan

Drina Goes on Tour Book Cover
Drina passes her school exams and becomes a senior student at her dance school, which means that her whole day is spent in dance classes and rehearsals. A nasty flu epidemic leaves the dance company short-staffed, and Drina and some friends are sent out to join the tour as replacements. Drina has a difficult time adjusting to life with a touring company, as the accommodation is quite a bit different from what she's used to with her well-off grandparents. And finally, the secret Drina has hidden from her peers since her arrival at the Dominick is discovered...
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Drina Goes on Tour Reviews

The penultimate book of the series and one of the best.

Drina has a baptism of fire with her 1st tour as a member of the company...but it has one good result...friendlier relations with Queenie Rothington than she would have ever thought possible!

Then the best thing ever happens....Grant reappears!
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